Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I figured there's not much point in cooking great meals and baking yummy goods if you can't share the efforts of your hard work with anyone.. and this doesn't just mean with the friends and family that are (un)fortunate enough to taste the product of cooking skill!
This of course means you readers out there who maybe, like me are passionate about what you eat and enjoy dabbling in the kitchen, while others of you might be seeking new fun things to try out or simply have no clue what you're doing and just use your kitchen cabinets for storage space!

What ever the reason, I'm pretty sure that there's nothing more exciting about trying a dish cooked with your own hands.
I won't promise nouvelle cuisine or high end catering products.
I'm pretty much bringing to this blog, what I bring to my table... plain simple recipes that any working gilr like me can easily reproduce, in a time-effective manner.
Being Italian, you're going to find lots of typical Italian dishes, cooked the real Italian way, with authentic Italian ingredients and Italian know-hows, tips and tricks. I do, however, like to dabble a bit in American and British baking, though this area is still new to me and has been mastered by so many others out there, that my efforts pale in comparison! Desserts are so varied, depending to where they come from. It's interesting to compare cooking techniques and ingredients.

I won't tell you that my recipes are fool proof, nor that they're all mine.
Many come from my mother's kitchen, many come from cookbooks or the internet, while others come from friends, but every time you take a recipe and make it, in some way it becomes your own. Adding something extra here, or replacing some ingredient there makes a recipe become yours in some way, and sharing that with someone is like spreading love around. There's nothing better than a loving relationship and having a loving relationship with food is what this blog is all about!

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